Which lot is ideal for your house?

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More and more people decide to build a house. Reasons are various. Someone fulfils their childhood dream. Some people don’t want to pay rent and think it is logical to pay the mortgage. Either the reason for building a house, one thing is common. These people need suitable lot. Purchase of a lot isn’t simple at all. Moreover many people don’t even know, what should the perfect land look like. And the subsurface is the thing which influences the price of the building.

Good accessibility is the key
KeyPeople have tendencies to choose their new place to live by feeling. However that often isn’t right. 

Of course you have to feel well at the place where you want to live but it definitely shouldn’t be the only condition.

You should be interested in good accessibility as well. In some advertisements for sale of lots are these information included but it isn’t a rule.

Before you purchase the place you should try to get to the chosen spot by public transport. You have to realize that you might be driving a car but your children will use the public transport.

How far is the practitioner?

Also to these questions real estate agents will gladly give you answers. Ask these questions. Amenities in the vicinity and the state of extension lines are things which are often missed out by the applicants.

However it is in their own interest to be informed about these things. You should be interested especially in how far is the hospital, police or bureaus. Also shopping center or other stores are very important. Also don’t forget how far the public transport stops are.

Slope is good only for a rock garden

Ideal lot is flat because this kind of lot doesn’t require any terrain adjustments. You can also come across slight slope. That doesn’t hurt but during building it might happen that it will be necessary to excavate something.

What you should really avoid is advertisements for sale of lots in Prague in steep slope. These lots are not suitable for building a family house.


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