Stairs as a fundamental of a perfect interior

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Stairs aren’t only a way to get into higher floors anymore. It is also an architectonic element which can look good and touch up the whole imagine of your place to live.

Concrete is IN again


If you were looking for houses for rent in Prague you have surely seen that some staircases are built from steel concrete. 

It is making a comeback. Steel concrete in comparison to other materials has many advantages.

One of them is that it can be shaped almost into any shape. That way you can create beautiful staircase simply and fast. Moreover it is fireproof therefore safe and has insulating character. Monolithic staircases are cast right on the construction spot.

Thanks to the fact that this staircase is tailored it perfectly fits to the designed place. However concrete staircase can be bought in one piece or you can put it together from individual pieces.

Often concrete staircase is left as it is, which has been very popular alternative lately. But you can also have it encased in natural stone or wood.

Metal or wood

Evergreen classic is a staircase from materials such as wood or laminate. Wooden staircases have advantage of not being so cold. Laminate endures longer and isn’t demanding on maintenance.

For manufacturing wooden staircase most often a hard wood is used. It can happen that real estate agents will take you to tour a house with wooden stairs.

Most probably they will be made from oak, beech or ash. Or it might even be laminate. Nowadays laminate staircase on the first sight is almost undistinguishable from wooden ones.

Glass staircases are ideal for minimalism

If it has happened to you that your real property advisor took you into a modern apartment or house you have probably notices there were stairs from glass. Glass staircases are lately often used.

Especially in modern architecture they have found a large use. It creates aerial and minimalistic impression which is a trend very often sought.


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