How to let an apartment without troubles?

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Do you want to let your newly purchased apartment or house? It is a good opportunity for passive income, it may help you to pay off your mortgage and then it will only generate money. However are you familiar with troubles which might be awaiting you? Nonpaying tenants are mostly the problem and even more than you might think. Also problem is their sudden leaving the rental place. You might say that you need proper contract and yes that is fundamental. But think further. Even loss of three rents over 5 years isn’t pleasant. Try to hire professionals.

Renting cycle
FlatTo find reliable tenant who will be paying rent for at least ten years requires great deal of luck. Lot of people considers renting a temporary solution before they find their own place.

Available apartments for rent have various fluctuation rate. Therefore once in a time you can find the same apartment among the advertisements. Looking for tenants requires not only time but also quite an effort.

You have to put up an advertisement, reply to inquiries, manage tours of the property and above all choose one of the applicants who will pay the rent every month and on time.

How to recognize an ideal tenant?

Many things can give them away during the personal meeting. However while the applicant seems ideal their reliability will be proven over the time. While making the choice, you might consider questionnaire which will look into their work background, eventually can contact their former landlord for references.

If you consider how fast the apartments in Prague disappear from the offer, imagine how many people might contact you. And now imagine going through this procedure with every single one of them.

The easier solution is to involve third party. For example service called “Ideal tenant” will verify potential tenants and relieve you from the job. You will have to be concerned about whether the apartment is taken care of and money coming to your account.

Why professionals?

Apartments for rent in Prague are therefore much easier for you. All the effort will be taken care of by someone else. Moreover you can be sure you will get the rent even if the tenant wouldn’t pay. Practically the apartment will be rented by a company which lets it further.


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