Don’t risk when selling real property

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It isn’t so easy to sell real property. Make sure you properly promote and provide enough information. If you are selling real property, make sure the whole process is handled properly. It might seem that listing from land registry or help of estate agency is enough. However the opposite is the truth. You might come across unreliable purchaser and the whole sale is ruined. It is always necessary to secure everything so you later wouldn’t have only eyes to cry with.

Good relations make good deals
Houses for saleEssential of fast sale is always quality promotion. Make sharp pictures of the whole property and list all information which might be the potential purchaser interested in.

Sale and purchase of real property is much easier then because you are not being delayed by many questions and everyone knows the deal. Also you should have all documents under control – purchase contract and listing from land register. 

Be sincere and don’t overcharge. It is clear that every seller wants to sell for as much as possible. However you always have to take into consideration the real value of the property.

Estate agency is often not enough

You probably know that if you aren’t familiar with the market it is better to hire estate agency. You will save time and other transactions. But as far as the sale of real property is concerned it never hurts to ask also attorney for assistance.

Good insurance is a so called purchase contract principal. Because dealing with all formalities and transfer of the proprietary takes time it can happen that the purchaser promises the money but then never pays. 

Prague living is very attractive so you should choose such purchaser who is reliable and with whom you can settle.

Secure bet pays off

The whole selling process should be favorable to both sides of the contract. As you are obliged to provide all information truthfully, also the purchase has to be able to prove they will pay the agreed sum.

The whole purchase contract therefore should be written with all requirements on both sides. Consultation with independent advocate never hurts.

Houses for sale in Prague are sold very fast. But the question is how. Respectable action and security from both parties is simply the best and pays off.


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