Czechs like to buy new accessories for their apartment

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Czechs, especially women like to cozy up and decorate their apartments with various decorations. Nowadays there is wide choice so everyone surely finds what they are looking for - vases, pillows, plaids, candleholders, clock, frames and many other things which will surely look great in your home.

Accessory for every room
Living roomThere are countless shops with accessories and you can find there pieces which are delicate, sober, extravagant and outstanding, plain color, multicolor, large and small or from various materials.

Simply you can find pieces for every room of your home, whichever your style and taste is. Not only living room or bedroom deserves some nice decoration but also for example bathroom. 

However don’t forget that sometimes less is more. Now you might be looking for apartments for sale and soon you might be furnishing one so keep this advice in mind.

Vintage, Provence or Scandinavia?

Vintage style addresses especially romanticists and lovers of countryside and old times. This style brings very pleasant whiff of history which brings good mood. Moreover vintage can be quiet surprisingly combined with modern elements. Color base of this style are neutral colors such as grey, beige and pastel blue, green or pink.

Regarding patterns most often you might come across flower patterns. Small imperfections and grazes are not to damage. It gives the objects old time look. Sheet metal signs, metal holds, candleholders, flowerpots or clocks in vintage style look great.

Also Provence style is suitable for those who like breath of romanticism and pleasant atmosphere. Lavender essentially belongs to this style. It often appears on the table cloths, dishcloths, clocks or other dishes. Are you looking for houses for rent in Prague? This delicate and fresh style suits also large cities. 

Try to imagine it. Scandinavian style is for those who like quality, simplicity and nature. For furniture and accessories in this style traditional northern materials are used – wood, leather, tow, metal, fur or dirt. Real estate advisor will offer you clay bowls or fur rug.


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